How do App Surveys Work?

What is a survey?


A survey is a question that you ask a group of customers, encouraging them to leave feedback about the product or experience they’ve received. Using the platform, there are two different metrics that you can use to survey your customers: Customer Happiness Score® or Net Promoter Score®.


Surveys provide your customers with an opportunity to voice their opinions, quickly and easily. When using CHS®, they’re asked how they felt about a product or experience, therefore giving an emotional and personal response. 


They’re also given the chance to leave a comment, so you can get a stronger understanding of why they felt that way. You’re able to connect to your customers and gather valuable insight into customer happiness and loyalty like never before!



Using the CHS platform, you can survey your customers in three different ways: by email, on the app, or by landing pages.



How do app surveys work?


If you’re surveying your customers on the app, you can display a survey on a tablet or phone, then simply hand it out to your customers, ready to be completed. 


App surveys are perfect for surveying your customers at the end of a transaction or whilst they’re waiting for an action from you (for example, whilst they’re waiting for their bill at the end of a meal). You could also leave a tablet displaying an app survey in a stand so that it catches the eye of any passers-by and encourages them to complete it.


Feedback submitted via the app only enters the platform once the customer has provided their email address. This ensures that all of your feedback is verified and that you can get in touch with a customer to respond to their response. This also provides a way of growing your email database, so you can market to those customers in the future.




The process for setting up app surveys on a tablet or phone is split into two parts: building the survey and connecting your device.

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