Getting Started with CHS

Over here at CHS®, we know that becoming accustomed to a new software system can be a challenging and trying time.


As the self-proclaimed Masters of Learning New Software, we also know that the first hurdle is getting your account up and running.


Follow these 5 easy steps to get your CHS journey off to a flying start…




Step 1: Bookmark us!


The first time you head over to the platform to log in, be sure to bookmark the page. Not only will you have a quick and easy shortcut on your next visit, but even better… you’ll never lose us (we know you wouldn’t want that)!


On most browsers, you can bookmark a page by clicking on the little star that is (usually) located in the top right corner:





Step 2: Set up your profile


When signing up to the Customer Happiness Score® Platform, you’re required to confirm your email address and create a password. These become your very own login details.


With your own login, comes your own user profile. On here, you can edit your name, profile picture, position within the company and password.


Personalise your account by adding your position within the company and uploading a profile picture. This information will be seen by all future teammates that are invited to join you (and you’ll be able to view their profiles too). Your customers will not be able to see this information.





Step 3: Create your team


You can create different teams in your account to reflect the different departments that might be using it. For example, you might have a Hotel team and a Restaurant team.


Create your first team (or teams) to organise your account and guarantee that your data is secure. Only those who are part of a team will be able to see or use the data within it.


Create a team





Step 4: Invite your teammates


Once you’ve set up your teams, you’re ready to invite some teammates to join you!


When inviting someone to your team, you need to assign them a role. This role defines what access they have within their team (not the whole account).


Invite new teammates to manage individual teams, send surveys or respond to customer feedback.


Invite a new user to a team





Step 5: Take a look around


After setting up your account, take five minutes to check out the platform. Give yourself a moment to look around and find your feet.


You can navigate to different pages using the 6 tabs along the top panel.


From left to right, these pages are: Dashboard, Surveys, Contacts, Feedback, Conversations and Export.





What next?


Now your account is all set up, you’re ready to survey your customers!


But before you get started, check out our 5 tips for building your first survey.


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