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Wednesday, 7 March

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Your page certainly has good potential. Our team at CHS® can help you reach that potential by way of some quick wins that will push you up the rankings and make you more visible to new customers.

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Page Data

Details like your location, email address need to be up-to-date. You must also make sure you have claimed your business.


Consistency is key across the board, especially when it comes to ratings, and managing your page’s reviews and Q&A


When it comes to TripAdvisor reviews, the more the better. Getting more reviews will help your score.

Product & Service

Your score depends on the percentage of great reviews you have. A Certificate of Excellence is a bonus.


How recent are your last reviews? TripAdvisor values a review from yesterday much more than one from last year.


A steady stream of frequent reviews proves your quality. Improve your scores with regular reviews.

So how can I improve my score?

We help you improve your
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Collect Feedback


Use our tablet app or email surveys to identify your happiest customers.

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to Customers

Remind your happiest customers to leave you a review on TripAdvisor.

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Watch your covers increase as you climb up the TripAdvisor rankings.

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