Contacts Overview

What is a contact?


A contact is an individual record for your customers. 


Each contact must have an email address to be added into the platform. This will act as the key identifier for that individual.


Contacts are stored per team. This means that every team has its own collection of contacts. For example; Team A might have a contact with the email address ‘[email protected]’ and Team B might also have a contact with the same email address. A user with access to just one of those teams will only see the contact once. However, a user with access to both Team A and Team B will see the contact twice.



View all contacts


To view all of your contacts, click on the ‘Contacts’ tab on the top panel.



This takes you to the Contacts main page.



By default, the platform will display 20 contacts per page.


If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can view more contacts by clicking on the right-facing arrow.



Down the left-hand side, you can filter your contacts by team or status.


You can also search for specific contacts using the search bar.



At the top of the list of contacts, you have the headings ‘Email’, ‘Name’, ‘Team’, ‘Created’ and ‘Actions’.



Under the ‘Actions’ column, you’ll see 3 dots appear when you hover over an individual contact.



Click on this to see the available options.


From here, you can view the individual contact’s feedback, conversations or profile.



That’s a quick overview of your contacts!

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