Conversations Overview

What is a conversation?


A conversation is an ongoing email exchange between a contact and yourself. 


Once a contact has responded to a survey, you can reply to them from inside the platform by starting up a conversation. All replies from the contact then come back to you through your account.


The simple yet effective chat window displays your messages in a tiered style, keeping your conversation structured, but also friendly and easy to follow.



Why are conversations so awesome?


Conversations are a brilliant way of communicating with your contacts actively and efficiently, directly from inside your CHS® account. You can keep all correspondence with your contacts conveniently in one place, eliminating the chances of anything getting lost or forgotten amongst your other day-to-day emails.


Conversations provide you with the opportunity to surprise your happiest customers and thank them for their positive comments. You can start building a great rapport with them instantly by acknowledging them, appreciating their feedback and sending them a prompt, personal reply.





Without a doubt, the best use of conversations is that they enable you to reach out to any unhappy customers before they have the chance to criticise your business to friends, family or worse; on social media. This can seriously damage your brand and hinder growth, but an immediate and personal reply means you can resolve their grievance and turn them into a happy customer!





View all conversations


To view all of your conversations, click on the ‘Conversations’ tab on the top panel.



This takes you to the Conversations main page.



By default, you will see all of your open conversations.


You can view your closed conversations by clicking on ‘Closed conversations’ on the left hand side.



Down the left hand side, you can filter your conversations by:


  • Teams
  • Open
  • Closed
  • Unread
  • Read
  • CHS® feeling
  • NPS® score
  • With comment
  • Without comment
  • Survey method
  • Contact
  • Date


You can also search for a specific word or phrase using the search bar.



Down the centre of the page, you can see the list of your conversations.


On each one, you can see the initial response of the contact, their email address, a snippet of the conversation and the date of the last correspondence.



To view a conversation, find it on the list and click on it.


It will appear on the right-hand side.



At the top of each conversation, you can mark it as unread (or read) or mark it as closed. 



At the bottom, you can send another message to the contact.


To do this, type your message into the text box and click ‘Send reply’. If you want to close the conversation after replying, click ‘Reply and close’. 



If you’d prefer to add a note, click on ‘Note’ on the right hand side.


The message box will turn yellow to remind you that you’re adding a note and not sending a message.


When you’ve finished typing, click ‘Add note’.



That’s a quick overview of your Conversations page!


Find out more about managing your conversations here.

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