The Customer Happiness Score®

What is The Customer Happiness Score®?


The Customer Happiness Score is the only feedback metric in the world that measures customer happiness in real-time.


Comprised of one, fundamental question; “How do you feel about your experience?”, our surveys encourage your customers to give an emotional response. They’re invited to select one of five emoji-style faces to reflect how they’re feeling.


Then, with a simple follow up question (“Tell us more”), you can prompt your customers to leave a comment and unearth invaluable insight into why they felt that way.


Each of the five faces has a different feeling in the Customer Happiness Score Platform. These are:





What do these feelings mean?


  • Actively happy customers are loyal enthusiasts who will return and fuel growth by referring others
  • Happy customers are less loyal but still likely to return and recommend to family and friends
  • Neutral customers are satisfied but unenthusiastic and vulnerable to competitive offerings
  • Unhappy customers are not satisfied and therefore unlikely to return again
  • Actively unhappy customers will damage your brand and hinder growth through negative word-of-mouth




What happens to my customer feedback?


All of your customer feedback is gathered inside the CHS® Platform to calculate your very own Customer Happiness Score. This single number (between 0 and 100) enables you to measure your business health and reputation. Keeping track of your progress couldn’t be easier; the higher your score, the better your business is performing. 


You can check your score at any time on the Dashboard. This score is displayed in real-time, so it will update every time a new piece of feedback rolls in.


You can put your score at the centre of your customer culture to bring your whole team together and focus on making your customers happy.




What can I do with my customer feedback?


You can manage your feedback from inside the Customer Happiness Score Platform by striking up a conversation with your customers.


Speak directly to your happiest customers to thank them, build a rapport and strengthen your relationship with them. Not only does this build customer loyalty, but it will also generate more returning customers. 


You can also reach out to any unhappy customers before they have the chance to criticise your business to friends, family or worse; on social media. This can seriously damage your brand and hinder growth, but an immediate and personal reply means you can resolve their grievance and turn them into a happy customer!


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