App survey


A survey that is displayed on a tablet or phone (via the CHS app).



Comment Rate


The percentage of how many responses included a comment from the contact.





An individual record for your customers – an email address is required to create a new contact.





An ongoing email exchange between a contact and yourself.



Customer Happiness Score (CHS)


A feedback metric which requires contacts to select one face out of five to determine how they felt about your product or service.





An overview of all your data and feedback, displayed in real-time.





A tablet or phone that is used to display an app survey.



Draft Survey


A survey that is in the process of created and has not been sent or set live yet.



Email survey


A survey that is sent by email to a list of customers. 





The act of pulling data out of the platform and into a CSV file.





The collection of survey responses from your customers, which lets you know how they felt about the product or service.





The act of uploading contacts into the platform – you can import contacts into the platform by CSV file or by copy and paste.





An individual Dashboard for individual surveys that displays an overview of all data and feedback related to that survey.


Landing Page Survey


A survey that is displayed either by using a link or through a generated QR code.


Live Survey


A live survey is currently being used on the app or has been sent out by email.



Net Promoter Score® (NPS®)


A feedback metric which requires contacts to pick a number between 0 and 10 to determine how likely they are to recommend your product or service to friends and family (0 being very unlikely and 10 being very likely).



Open Rate


The percentage of how many email surveys have been opened (against how many have been sent).





A recipient is a contact that has been sent a survey by email. 



Response Rate


The percentage of how many surveys have had a response (against how many were opened).





A way of determining which features in the platform can be accessed by which users.



Standard reply


A ready-made template to be used in conversations for faster, easier replies.





A question that you ask a group of customers, encouraging them to leave feedback about the product or service.



Survey Builder


A stage inside the Survey Wizard that enables you to design, personalise and build your very own survey.



Survey Wizard


A series of stages that must be followed in order to create and send a survey.





A department within an organisation’s account.

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