Feedback Overview

What is feedback?


Feedback is the collection of survey responses from your customers, which lets you know how they felt about the product or service. This feedback provides you with your Customer Happiness Score®, as well as valuable insights into customer happiness and loyalty.


The Feedback page displays all feedback from every survey you’ve sent out, all in one place.



View all feedback


To view all of your feedback, click on the ‘Feedback tab’ on the top panel.



This takes you to the Feedback main page.



By default, the platform will display 20 pieces of feedback per page.


If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can view more feedback by clicking on the right-facing arrow.



Down the left-hand side, you can filter your feedback by:


  • Teams
  • CHS® feeling
  • NPS® score
  • With comment
  • Without comment
  • Unread
  • Read
  • Without conversation
  • With conversation
  • Surveys
  • Survey Method
  • Date


At the top of the list of feedback, you have the headings ‘Feeling’, ‘Comment and Survey’, ‘Contact’, ‘Conversation’, ‘Received’ and ‘Actions’.



Under the ‘Actions’ column, you’ll see 3 dots appear when you hover over an individual piece of feedback.



Click on this to see the available options.


From here, you can mark the response as unread (or read) and start a conversation (or view a current conversation).



On the feedback page, you can also view feedback that relates to an individual contact by using the search bar.



That’s a quick overview of your Feedback page!


Find out more about managing your feedback here.

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