Filtering Feedback

Filtering Feedback

You can filter your feedback by various means. This makes responding to and evaluating specific segments of feedback quick and easy!


Using the filter options on the left hand side of the page you can choose exactly which feedback you want to view.


You can filter by teams just by clicking on the dropbox, this will show you feedback received from surveys sent from that particular team you have chosen.



You can also filter by feeling, which is helpful for any unhappy feedback. Meaning you can filter the unhappy responses and reply to just this group as a priority. Simply click inside the boxes to select the feelings you would like to view.



You can filter by lots of other factors via the same method. To do this, simply tick the boxes for the relevant filters you wish to apply. A great example of this is when a contact has responded to a survey, but chosen not to comment. This means you can easily filter these and follow up their response with an invitation to comment.



Alternatively, you can filter by individual survey or date to view only the feedback you have received from a specific survey or from multiple surveys over a specific time period.



Also, you can filter by response type to view your feedback you received from an App, Email, or Landing Page Survey.



You can combine all of these different filters to create bespoke combinations meaning you can really drill down into exactly the type of feedback you wish to see. This makes viewing and addressing any responses that come in a piece of cake! Also, this helps with prioritising the ones that are important to you.


To find out how to manage your feedback, click here

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