Manage your Feedback

What is feedback?


Feedback is the collection of survey responses from your customers, which lets you know how they felt about the product or service. This feedback provides you with your Customer Happiness Score®, as well as valuable insights into customer happiness and loyalty.


The Feedback page displays all feedback from every survey you’ve sent out, all in one place.



How will I know when new feedback has been submitted?


When a new piece of feedback has entered the platform, you’ll be notified by a small green notification symbol sitting above the Feedback tab on the top panel. 



If you head over to the Feedback page, you’ll see the new response sat at the top of the page, in bold.



If you click on it, it will be marked as read, so it is no longer highlighted in bold and the notification will disappear.



What can I do with my feedback?


There are two actions available to make your feedback easier to manage. To view these, click on the 3 dots on the right hand side:



The first option is ‘Mark as Unread’. This does exactly what it says on the tin: marks the feedback as unread. The green notification will reappear and the response will appear on the list in bold again.


This comes in handy when you want to flag up the response to a colleague or to remind yourself to deal with it later.



The other action available is ‘Start conversation’. 


By clicking on this, a pop up will appear. In here, you can write a message to the contact – this will be sent directly to the contact via email.



Once you’ve finished writing your message, you can either reply and keep the conversation open, or reply and close it. Both options move your conversation over to the Conversations page.


Don’t worry, if you close the conversation, then the customer replies, the conversation will reopen.



Add a note to a piece of feedback


Adding a note to a piece of feedback allows you to leave an internal message that is only visible to you and your colleagues. You may wish to add a note to a piece of feedback without starting a conversation.


For example, you might have resolved an issue with a customer over the phone, outside of the platform. A note allows you to share this information with teammates or colleagues so that they don’t contact the customer again.


To add a note, simply click on a piece of feedback. You’ll see the pop up appear where you can start a conversation.



On the right hand side, click on ‘Note’. The message box will turn yellow to remind you that you’re adding a note and not sending out a message.



Once you’ve written your note, click ‘Add note and open’.



By adding a note, a conversation will be opened. This way, if another member of the team clicks to start a conversation, they’ll see your note.



That’s a quick guide to managing your feedback!

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