Add a New Device

What are devices?


Devices are used to display app surveys. 


After creating an app survey, you can display it on a device and simply hand it out to customers, ready to be completed.



Add a new device


To add a new device, click on the top right corner of screen and select ‘Settings’ from the dropdown.



On the left hand side, click ‘Devices’.



To add a new device, click ‘Add new device’.



Give your device a logical name. This will appear at the bottom of the device whenever the CHS app is open, so this will be seen by your customers.



Select the team that will be using the device.



When you’re ready, click ‘Generate code’.



An 8-digit code will appear. This is ready to be entered into the CHS app.



On your chosen device, open the CHS app. You’ll see the text box where you can enter the code generated in your account.



Type in the code and press ‘Apply code’.



A confirmation message will appear to let you know that you’ve successfully connected to your account.



Back in the platform, you can now select which survey you want to display on your device. Click ‘Select survey’.



From the dropdown, select your survey.


Note: Your survey must be live to use it on the app.



When you’re ready, click ‘Confirm’.



Back on the device, the survey will appear after a few seconds. If it doesn’t appear automatically, press ‘Refresh’.





Your app survey is now ready to go!

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