Edit a User’s Role

What are roles?


There are four different user roles inside The Customer Happiness Score® Platform. These roles determine which features can be accessed by which users.


When inviting a new user to a team, they must be assigned one of the following roles: Manager, Supervisor or Agent. You can find out exactly which features can be accessed by which user roles here, but the basic differences are:


  • Managers can access everything they need for their own team, including surveys, feedback and conversations. They can invite new users or revoke access to the team, but they cannot access any data in any other teams.


  • Supervisors can create and send surveys, view feedback and participate in conversations. They cannot invite, view, edit or remove other users.


  • Agents can view and reply to feedback, but they cannot create or send surveys. They also cannot invite, view, edit or remove other users.


There is also an additional role that any user can be promoted to: Admin. Admin users have access to every team and every piece of data in the organisation’s account. If you’re an Admin user yourself, you can promote any other user to an Admin role too. 



Edit a user’s role 


To edit a user’s role, click on your name in the top right corner of the screen and select ‘Settings’.



On the left hand side, click ‘People’.



Find the user you wish to edit and click on their name. 



Now you can see the user’s profile. Any teams that they belong to, as well as their role within each team, are listed under ‘Roles and Teams’.



Find the role and team you wish to change and click on it so that the dropdown appears underneath:



Select the new role and a pop up will appear:



Click ‘Save changes’ to change the user’s role.



If you want to change the user to an Admin role, simply click ‘Promote to an admin role’ on their profile:



Bravo! The user’s role has now changed!


The next time they log in, their access will be different based on the role selected.

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