Invite a User to Another Team

What is a team?


A team is a department. You can create different teams in your account to reflect the different departments in your business. For example, in our own CHS account, we have a Sales team, a Support team and an HR team.


Teams can not only help you organise your account, but also assure you that your data is secure. Surveys, contacts, feedback and conversations all sit within their own teams. Only those who are part of the team will be able to see or use the data. Therefore, a user in Team A cannot see feedback gathered by Team B.


Users can have different roles in different teams. For example; a Manager in the Sales team might also be assigned as an Agent in the Support team. This means that they would be able to view the data from both teams are the same time, but their permissions would vary.



Invite a User to Another Team


To invite an existing user to another team, click on your name in the top right corner of the screen and select ‘Settings’.



On the left hand side, click ‘People’.



Find the user you wish to invite and click on their name. 



Now you can see the user’s profile. Any teams that they belong to, as well as their role within each team, are listed under ‘Roles and Teams’.



Underneath that, you’ll see two dropdowns that allow you to select a new role and team for that user. 



Select the role and the new team you wish to invite them to, then click ‘Invite’.



And the invitation has been sent!


The new user will now receive an email, notifying them that they’ve joined another team in The Customer Happiness Score Platform.

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