Remove a Device

What are devices?


Devices are used to display app surveys. 


After building an app survey, you can display it on a device and simply hand it out to customers, ready to be completed.


If you wish to stop surveying on a device, you can either temporarily disable it or remove it completely.


Removing a device is a permanent action – you won’t be able to survey customers on it until you add it again.



Remove a device


To remove a device that is no longer in use, click on the top right corner of the screen and select ‘Settings’ from the dropdown.



On the left hand side, click ‘Devices’.



Here, you’ll see a list of all devices already connected with your account.



Find the device that you wish to remove and click on it.



You’ll now see more details for that device.



At the bottom, click ‘Remove’.



A pop up will appear to check that you want to remove the device. Click ‘Yes, remove it’.



Success! Your device has been removed.


You will no longer be able to survey your customers on it.




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