5 Tips for Building your First Survey

Using our straightforward Survey Wizard, it’s practically impossible to make a bad looking survey. However, we appreciate that finding your feet and designing a super sleek survey isn’t always easy.


That’s why we want to make sure you’re fully armed before you get stuck in!



5 tips for survey-building success…



1. Consider how you’ll survey your customers


Using the CHS platform, you can survey your customers in two different ways: by email, on the app, or by landing pages. 


When sending an email survey, you’ll need a list of customer email addresses. You can then send it out to all of those emails in one go, or you can send them out gradually over a period of time. If you wish to use an app survey, you’ll need a suitable tablet or phone to display it on. You can then hand it out to your customers, or leave it in a stand, ready to be completed.



2. Have your logo ready to go


Make sure you’ve got a good quality, high resolution file of your company logo ready to go. This will be at the head of your survey, so it needs to be as clear and sharp as possible. You want your customers to instantly recognise your brand!



3. Find an enticing banner image


Similarly, you’ll need a high resolution image to use as your banner too. Try to pick something bold and eye-catching that represents what your business does. The recommended size for the banner image is 600 x 200 pixels. 



4. Know your colour codes


Have your company brand colour codes to hand so you can use these for buttons, backgrounds or fonts in your survey. If you don’t know your brand colour codes, no worries. Head over to www.imagecolorpicker.com and simply upload your logo to discover different colour codes. 



5. Encourage customers to visit your website


On email surveys, you have the option of adding a button that links to your website on the Thank You page. When editing the final page of your survey, be sure to customise the button so that it links to your website. This will drive customers back to you so they’ll continue to use your services.




Now you’re all prepped and ready to go, how are you going to survey your customers? By email, on the app, or by landing pages?




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