Edit a Live Email Survey

What is a survey?


A survey is a question that you ask a group of customers, encouraging them to leave feedback about the product or experience they’ve received. Using the platform, there are two different metrics that you can use to survey your customers: Customer Happiness Score® or Net Promoter Score®.


Surveys provide your customers with an opportunity to voice their opinions, quickly and easily. When using CHS®, they’re asked how they felt about a product or experience, therefore giving an emotional and personal response.


They’re also given the chance to leave a comment, so you can get a stronger understanding of why they felt that way. You’re able to connect to your customers and gather valuable insight into customer happiness and loyalty like never before!



Edit a live email survey


To edit a live email survey, you need to head over to the Surveys main page.


Click on the ‘Survey’s tab along the top panel.



Find the survey you wish to edit.


In the bottom right corner there’s a button with three dots on it – click on this.



A dropdown will appear above the button with five options: ‘Insights’, ‘Responses’, ‘Recipients’, ‘Edit’ and ‘Send to more contacts’.


Click on ‘Edit’.



You’ll now be given the option to edit your email or app survey.


Click on ‘Edit Email’.




In here, you can work your way through and edit your survey name, appearance and/or sender details.



You can use the blue arrows to move through each stage.





Easy as that!



All changes that you make will save automatically and appear in all future sends.

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