Send your Email Survey to more Contacts

What is a survey?


A survey is a question that you ask a group of customers, encouraging them to leave feedback about the product or experience they’ve received. Using the platform, there are two different metrics that you can use to survey your customers: Customer Happiness Score® or Net Promoter Score®.


Surveys provide your customers with an opportunity to voice their opinions, quickly and easily. When using CHS®, they’re asked how they felt about a product or experience, therefore giving an emotional and personal response. 


They’re also given the chance to leave a comment, so you can get a stronger understanding of why they felt that way. You’re able to connect to your customers and gather valuable insight into customer happiness and loyalty like never before!


You can also survey your customers in two different ways: by email or on the app. 



Send your email survey to more contacts


When planning to send your customers an email survey, you only have to create the survey itself once. You can then just add contacts to it as and when you need to. 


You could send your survey out to 30 customers today, then send it to another 10 tomorrow. When doing this, you’re not sending it to the first batch of customers again, you’re just sending it to the new customers.


To send a live survey to new contacts, head over to the Surveys main page by clicking on the ‘Surveys’ tab along the top panel.




Find the survey you want to send to more contacts. 


Click on the button with three dots:




From the dropdown, select ‘Send to more contacts’.




This will take you directly to the Import stage of the Survey Wizard.




Now just save a name for the Recipient group and click ‘Save’. 




Choose to either ‘import CSV file’ or  ‘Copy and Paste’ by clicking the relevant button.




Once you’ve imported your contacts, click ‘Next’.



Now you’ll see the Setup stage of the Survey Wizard. 




Select how you want to send out your survey and add in any reminders that you wish to send.


When you’re happy to move on, click ‘Next’.




You’ve now reached your survey summary. On here, you can check the finer points of your survey before sending it out. As soon as you’re happy to send it, click ‘Send to more contacts’.



Want to change something? Click here to find out how to edit a live survey.


And that’s it! Your survey has now fired off to the new contacts!

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