Customer Experience Management

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“I want to improve my
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Customer Experience Management

Ways To Improve Customer Service

Discover how your customers feel at every step of their journey

Use simple Customer Happiness surveys at every step of your customer journey to accurately measure the experience you provide.

With double the response rate of other survey types, you will have the full picture of your performance, thanks to trusted and verified feedback at every stage of the journey.

"Suddenly every customer is your secret shopper."

How To Improve Customer Satisfaction with Customer Happiness Score

Find the drop off points in your customer journey

Discover where the weak links are in your customer journey with a separate Customer Happiness Score® for each touch point. Then, dive into customer feedback and find out how the silent majority of your customers want you to improve.

Taking the gamble out of Customer Experience improvements to save time and money by focusing your efforts on what matters most to your customers. Then sit back and let your improvements work their magic as you track your Customer Happiness Score increase.

Go above and beyond with direct customer communication

After collecting trusted and verified customer feedback, go above and beyond to give your customers the best possible service by responding directly to their feedback. It’s a surefire way to increase brand loyalty and ensure they will become returning customers.

The communications platform also gives you the opportunity to resolve potential customer issues straightaway, before they make a complaint and win back unhappy customers through excellent customer service.

Improving Customer Experience
How To Improve Your Team Performance

Create brand advocates and earn word-of-mouth referrals

With a customer experience that your competitors will envy, your customers will become incredibly loyal and ignore your rivals’ marketing efforts.

These customers will become your brand advocates, referring their friends, family and colleagues to use your business. They will become an army of ground-troops, earning you more word-of-mouth marketing at no expense. Perfecting your customer experience with The Customer Happiness Score will make your customer base skyrocket.

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