Customer insights with live feedback

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“I want to know how my customers feel about my business”

Customer insights with live feedback

How To Improve Business Performance with Customer Happiness Score

Double your response rates with Customer Happiness Surveys

Use simple Customer Happiness surveys to accurately measure your business performance.

Customer Happiness surveys are designed to be simplistic, making it easy for the customer to fill in and doubling your response rate in no time.

Unlike traditional surveys, The CHS® Platform asks one simple question “How do you feel about your experience?”, then the customer can pick from one of five emoji-style faces to answer. It only takes one click from a customer’s inbox.

"The Customer Happiness Score helps you pinpoint exactly where to focus your attention"

Indicators of Business Performance

Get the full picture with trusted and verified customer feedback

After your customer has indicated how they feel about their experience with you, they are asked one follow up question: “Tell us more”.

With a free-text box for your customers to answer, you’ll discover what’s most important to them, rather than lead them into commenting about something else, and missing the point.

All feedback is verified by customer email addresses, so you can trust that it’s genuine. This qualitative feedback will give you the full picture of your performance and help you make improvements to your products and services to make your customers even happier.

Measure your business performance with
The Customer Happiness Score®

The CHS Platform will calculate your Customer Happiness Score with the trusted and verified feedback you received. This single number between 0-100 will tell you how your business is performing.

Review your customers’ experiences by sending multiple surveys for different products and customer touch-points. This will give you a Customer Happiness Score for each of these areas, helping you to determine how each stage is performing and where you can improve.

Discover the difference that putting The Customer Happiness Score at the heart of your business can make

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