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Boost social media campaign results with The Customer Happiness Score

Build an engaged social media following made up of happy customers

Use The CHS® Platform to identify your happiest customers and upload them as an audience into your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social networks. This audience will become the basis for your growing fan-base. Target them with page-like campaigns and your best social media updates to get more followers, higher relevancy and more engagement, which will all help to spread your content to even more people.

"Your social media posts will be delivering big results at a small cost."

Get Engagement Online - Increase Post Engagement

Increase engagement on your social media platforms

By building a social media following made up of your happiest customers, you will see a big increase in your post engagement.

Tailor your social media campaigns to speak directly to your happiest customers, earning more likes, comments, shares and maximising your ROI by focusing on the best possible prospects. This is your opportunity to be even more enthusiastic about your business because you know your happiest customers will all agree.

Get your customers to become your promoters on social media

Businesses have always grown through word of mouth. Now, the rise of social media has taken this up a notch. With a core following of happy customers on social media, you will get higher engagement that acts as great social proof, breeding even more reach, impressions and interactions. Before you know it, your social media posts will be delivering big results at a small cost.

With happy customers at the heart of your social media strategy, you will receive a constant stream of fantastic comments that help others realise just how great your business is.

And when your customers aren’t singing your praises? Share trusted and verified customer comments gained from your Customer Happiness surveys to boost your online reputation and get new customers queueing out of your door.

How To Get More Likes On Facebook Business Page
Social Media Engagement - Social Media Strategy

Create lookalike audiences to identify whole new revenue streams

Identify quality new prospects to target with “lookalike” audiences. Simply upload your happiest customers into your account, then let the social media network automatically search for similar people that match the characteristics of those customers.

These “lookalikes” will soon love your business just as much as your happiest customers do. They will develop into a brand new revenue stream that will really step up your social media marketing and take your ROI to the next level...

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