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Target Marketing

Enhance Your Performance Marketing Insights By Adding Emotion With The Customer Happiness Score

Enrich your existing CRMs with customer emotions

You already know the demographic and behavioural data on your customers, now it’s time to learn the feeling behind it all.

The Customer Happiness Score enriches your existing CRMs and Email Marketing Systems with the missing piece of the jigsaw, customer feelings.

Segment and target your marketing activity based on these customer feelings, creating tailored campaigns designed to give the right customers the right message at the right time.

What better way to get more clicks, more opens and more conversions from your marketing, than with personalised journeys and messages, based on how your customers feel?

"Personalisation can deliver 5-8x the ROI on marketing spend, as well as improving sales by 10% or more"*

Marketing Campaign Analysis

Win back your unhappy customers with some TLC

Empower your customer service teams to immediately deal with unhappy customers’ issues.

With your customer service agents successfully resolving complaints, you can enter these customers into win-back campaigns. So change your tone, increase personalisation and offer deeper incentives to earn their repeat business.

​Some unhappy customers just aren’t a good fit for your business. Use The CHS Platform to identify these individuals and opt them out of further marketing material, saving you time and money.

Encourage your neutral customers to return with the right incentive

Tailor campaigns for your neutral customers, driving home the benefits you provide and considering further incentivisation and offers.

These are the customers with the biggest opportunity. With the right message they will return, and even become your most loyal customers with the right focus.

Without tailored campaigns, your competitors will win them over. So act now before it’s too late.

Marketing Performance Management - Online Reputation Management

"By building these fantastic relationships, you will drive up your revenue"

Your customers want to feel loved, so give them exactly what they want.

Show them you value their opinions, maximise personalisation to show you care about them individually and show them products that you know they'll love. By building these fantastic relationships, you will drive up your revenue by minimising your offers to these happy customers and focusing on your price point.

Upsell your products to maximise your ROI and customer lifetime value. Offer them other relevant products and add-ons that you know they’ll like to generate even more sales. Build brand loyalty too by sharing useful information, such as tips and how-to guides, that provide added value for the products that they’ve purchased.

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