The Customer Happiness Score

Business owners

“I want one goal
for my whole business
to get behind”

The Customer Happiness Score®

Measure Business Improvement with your Customer Happiness Score

Discover exactly how happy your customers are

Send a Customer Happiness survey to your customers to discover exactly how they feel about your business with The Customer Happiness Score®. This single number between 0-100 is the simplest and most accurate way to measure your business performance in real time.

With double the response rate of traditional surveys, The CHS® Platform helps you discover how the normally-silent majority of your customers truly feel.

Receiving trusted and verified feedback will give you the full picture of your business’ performance at every stage of the customer journey.

Suddenly every customer is your secret shopper.

"The CHS platform helps you discover how the normally-silent majority of your customers truly feel."

 Customer Feedback is vital to Business Success

Unite your whole business around a culture of Customer Happiness

The Customer Happiness Score was designed for accuracy and simplicity.

Being a single number between 0-100, CHS is easy to understand, making it ideal to use when setting goals for individuals, teams and departments.

Put your CHS at the centre of your company culture to bring your whole team together and get them focused on making your customers happy. You will create a fantastic company culture that every employee will buy into, so you can all celebrate business success together.

Let customers tell your teams how to continuously improve

Take the risk out of making important business decisions with trusted and verified customer feedback. Listen to your customers and you will create a continuous loop of improvement that puts you further ahead of your competition.

Build an unbeatable reputation as a company where the customer feels you care, by investing in improvements that your customers want. This will create the kind of customer loyalty and engagement that money just can’t buy.

Tracking Business with CHS
Measuring Business Performance is important to Customer Happiness

Measure business improvement with your Customer Happiness Score

Your Customer Happiness Score will benchmark how your customers feel about your business. Use this benchmark to set goals to make your customers even happier and easily measure improvement over time, making customer-led changes along the way to ensure you’re on track.

Regularly update your entire workforce with your latest CHS so they can all see the good work they’re doing and understand what still needs to be done to reach business goals.

Before you know it, your business will be growing faster than ever before.

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