The Employee Happiness Score


"I want to improve relationships with my employees"

The Employee Happiness Score

 Employee Performance Tracking Software

Keep your finger on the pulse of Employee Happiness

Send employee surveys to everyone within your business to discover your Employee Happiness Score™, a single number between 0-100 that tells you exactly how your employees feel.

"Find out what really matters to your staff and create an even more open, inclusive culture."

How To Keep Your Staff Motivated

Resolve employee issues to increase staff retention

You’ve got your dream team in place so the last thing you want to do is lose a key player. The Employee Happiness Score will help you identify issues early and resolve them immediately within the communications platform. Act quickly to make sure they don’t develop into much bigger problems.

It’s hard to be successful without amazing employees. That’s why the best businesses build their brand from the inside out. Manage concerns, maximise their potential and make your workforce feel valued. Increase engagement and see retention rates rise, as your employees feel recognised and rewarded.

Bring teams closer together across your business

Update your management teams with their department’s Employee Happiness Score so they better understand the feeling within their team.

Management will become aware of potential issues within their teams so they can act to resolve issues before they escalate. Working together you will develop even better relationships within teams, bringing them closer together and reducing staff turnover.

Work together on improvements, celebrate successes and let The Employee Happiness Score help you create a happy workforce who feel valued, and a business your employees are proud to be part of.

Happy Employees with Employee Happiness Score
How To Hire and Retain Good Employees

Watch your Employee Happiness Score increase

Use your Employee Happiness Score to benchmark how your entire workforce is feeling at any given time. Then, regularly update your management teams with your latest EHS™ so they can see the good work you’re doing.

Set goals to make your workforce even happier and easily track your improvement. Maintain a high Employee Happiness Score and act on staff feedback to make a real difference to the atmosphere in your business, showing that you’re a company that listens and cares.

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