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OTAs KEEP your customer data, STEAL your profits and RUIN your business.

Take back control of your hotel.

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Collect Customer Emails

Use tablet feedback apps in reception to collect customer email data.

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To Customers

Market to your happiest customers to increase direct bookings.

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Direct Bookings

Take back control of your Hotel's future by owning your customers again.

Hotel General Manager
R. Watson
Hotel General Manager

When we first put our hotel on Booking.Com, it was great. They would help us fill our empty rooms when we were quiet. But soon they had gone from filling 10% of our rooms to 70%.

We couldn't survive without them, so when we got the letter to say their commission rates had gone up, we were helpless. Until we found CHS.

We now use tablet surveys in all our rooms to collect customer feedback and providing us with their email addresses.

Now we own our customer marketing data again and can generate our direct bookings. We still use Booking.Com, but we don't rely on them. Our profits finally reflect our hard work."

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