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Stop your competitors stealing your clients

Your competitors SABOTAGE your relationships, STEAL your clients and RUIN your business.

We can help you keep your clients out of the reach of your competitors.

How to market a recruitment agency
How to market a recruitment agency
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Keep your clients
out of your competitors' reach

Why you lose candidates to other recruitment agencies

‚ÄčClient Happiness

Use email surveys to discover how your clients feel about you.

Client retention

Your Relationships

Spot negative trends early and resolve any issues before it's too late.

How to make more placements

Your Clients

Keep your clients out of your competitors' reach by keeping them all happy.

Retention consultant
 L. Kirby

As a recruitment consultant, nothing infuriates me more than working long hours to build relationships only for them to be stolen by competitors undercutting our prices.

We did everything we could to keep our clients happy, but often we wouldn't realise there was a problem until it was too late.

That's when we started using CHS. Now we are able to send regular email surveys to our clients to check that they are still completely happy with their candidate and our relationship. It's sent our retention rate through the roof.

Plus, it's made my job so much less stressful."

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How can recruiters make more money
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