The ‘why’ and ‘how’ of responding to positive TripAdvisor reviews: 5 templates for restaurants

The ‘why’ and ‘how’ of responding to positive TripAdvisor reviews: 5 templates for restaurants
Erin Heenan By: Erin Heenan 6 Minute Read  |  May 3, 2018
The ‘why’ and ‘how’ of responding to positive TripAdvisor reviews: 5 templates for restaurants Restaurants > Online Reviews

In life, if someone gives you a compliment what do you do? Bask in their praise? Laugh it off? Modestly bat their comments away? Or just say thank you? Whatever you do, you probably don’t ignore them. So why do it on a public forum like TripAdvisor?


It may be our instinct to fight fires and only deal with the negative, but this can leave our customers wanting. While there is an argument small and independent restaurants don’t have the time or inclination to answer to every review, responding to positive feedback affords restaurants a number of benefits;

  • Acknowledging your customer shows you care
  • It acts as an opportunity to thank customers for taking the time to write a review
  • It demonstrates that your willing to act on feedback
  • Review responses act as social proof
  • Responding to customer reviews encourages engagement
  • More engagement means more visitors. More visitors means more money!


We all know that time is our most valuable resource and restaurateurs don’t have enough of it. That’s why we’ve created you 5 handy templated responses to answer positive TripAdvisor reviews with a view to helping you climb those rankings.



Customer reviews

Hi {Name},


I’m delighted you had a great experience at {business name}. We’re passionate about serving delicious fresh food to the people of {place name} so it’s fantastic you enjoyed the {specific dish} so much! Thank you for leaving such a lovely review, the {business name} team really appreciate the feedback. Did you know we now offer {new product or service}? We’d love to see what you think!


We hope to see you again soon!


{business name}





Hi {Name},


{business name} endeavours to go above and beyond for our customers, so for you to say {specific comment} is a source of great pride! I have told {server’s name} about your kind comments and they’d love to thank you in person the next time you’re in! We’re really grateful for your feedback and look forward to serving you again!


Thanks again,


{business name}




Negative reviews

Hello {Name},


We’re really pleased you agree {business name} is {specific comment}. {Place name} has lots of lovely restaurants but we think we’ve got something special here at {business name}. We always try to create a warm welcome for our customers so we’re really grateful for your feedback. Did you know we have introduced {product or service}, why not bring a friend and check it out?


Looking forward to welcoming you back soon,


{business name}

Special event


Hi {Name},


We’re honoured you chose to spend {event name} with us at {business name} and we’re delighted you enjoyed {specific comment}. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for your next big event, we’d love to help make it a memorable occasion! We also offer {product/service}, so if you know any friends or family looking for a similar experience, send them our way!


Thank you for taking the time to write such a positive review,


{business name}



Hi {Name},


What great comments! Thank you so much for taking the time to review {business name}. We have ambitions to be {place name}’s best restaurant, so we’re really pleased you enjoyed your time with us. Just so you know, we also offer {product/service} which is great to experience with friends. Why not bring them along?


Looking forward to your next visit,


{business name}

Final thoughts

Online review

By no means is this an exhaustive list and cookie-cutter responses won’t always work for your customer’s comments. However, we’ve compiled some best practice tips to help you customise the perfect response to positive reviews.


  • It should go without saying, check spelling and grammar!
  • Greet them with their name
  • Repeat positive phrases
  • If your brand has a certain style, inject that personality into your writing
  • Remember to thank them
  • Use the opportunity to market your restaurant (ie new dishes, offers, and promotions)
  • Tell them to do something (Invite a friend/ tell a family member)
  • Drop in keywords like your business name and location to come up in search results
  • Invite them back!


Responding to your customers’ positive reviews is not only a morale booster, it’s a surefire way to boost engagement. And this means more visitors to your restaurant!


Don’t forget dealing with negative reviews is also an essential part of maintaining a positive online profile. If you’d like to know how your business rates on TripAdvisor, sign up for our free TripAdvisor health check.


Boosting engagement on your TripAdvisor is an easy way to encourage more customers to visit your restaurant. The Customer Happiness Score® is a tool designed to help restaurateurs get more great online reviews, by measuring their customer’s feelings to identify their happiest customers and inviting them to leave feedback on TripAdvisor. See how it works here

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