CHS Dashboard Overview

What is the Dashboard?


The Dashboard is the ‘home’ screen of The Customer Happiness Score Platform®. It is an overview of all your data and feedback, displayed in real-time. Here, you can instantly see the overall Customer Happiness Score® (and/or Net Promoter Score®) for your business.


This provides valuable insight into customer happiness, loyalty, and growth. Additionally, this gives you a glancing snapshot of your business’ reputation.


How does my Dashboard look?


The Dashboard is the first page you see whenever you log into the platform. The top half focuses on your Customer Happiness Score results, across App, Email, and Landing Page surveys.



On the Dashboard your main point of call is the Customer Happiness Score for your business. It’s displayed in the top left corner of the CHS Dashboard.


This score is calculated from all of your feedback in your app and email surveys, across your whole account. You’ll probably notice that it instantly updates every time a new piece of feedback enters the platform.



Next to the score, you can see the CHS scores for input types App and Email surveys.


  • App surveys – overall score for all App surveys
  • Email Surveys – overall score for all Email surveys



Underneath that, you can see the current number of live feedback across all surveys and this is split by feeling.


You can also see how many responses have been submitted per feeling. This will only show results from open conversations and not closed.



Under those, you have a graph showing the overall trend of your CHS score. This will highlight when your score has increased or decreased. It is really helpful for showing performance across time.



And that’s it for the CHS Dashboard Overview.

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