NPS Dashboard Overview

What is the dashboard?


The Dashboard is the ‘home’ screen of The Customer Happiness Score Platform®. It is an overview of all your data and feedback, displayed in real-time. Here, you can instantly see the overall Customer Happiness Score® (and/or Net Promoter Score®) for your business.


This provides valuable insight into customer happiness, loyalty, and growth. Additionally, this gives you a glancing snapshot of your business’ reputation.


How does my Dashboard look?


The Dashboard is the first page you see whenever you log in to the platform. The bottom half displays an Net Promoter Score® Dashboard.



At the bottom, you can find information on your NPS® Dashboard, including your overall Net Promoter Score® and a breakdown of promoters, passives, and detractors:



  • Open rate – the percentage of how many survey emails have been opened (against how many have been sent)
  • Response rate – the percentage of how many surveys have had a response (against how many were opened)
  • % with comments – the percentage of how many responses included a comment from the contact


  • Unsubscribe rate – the percentage of how many contacts clicked the ‘Unsubscribe’ button on the survey email



Underneath that, you can see the current number of live feedback (the number of responses that have not prompted a conversation) and the number of open conversations.



Underneath that, you have your overall Net Promoter Score®.



Lastly, you can navigate to different pages in the platform using the 6 tabs at the top of the Dashboard screen.


From left to right the pages are: Dashboard, Contacts, Surveys, Feedback, Conversations, and Export.



And that’s it for you NPS Dashboard Overview.

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