Create a Landing Page Survey

What is a Survey? 


A survey is a question that you ask a group of customers, encouraging them to leave feedback about the product or experience they’ve received. Using the platform, there are two different metrics that you can use to survey your customers: Customer Happiness Score® or Net Promoter Score®.


Surveys provide your customers with an opportunity to voice their opinions, quickly and easily. When using Customer Happiness Score®, they’re asked how they felt about a product or experience, therefore giving an emotional and personal response.


They’re also given the chance to leave a comment, so you can get a stronger understanding of why they felt that way. You’re able to connect to your customers and gather valuable insight into customer happiness and loyalty like never before!


Create a Landing Page Survey


You will need to create a landing page survey and set it live before creating the link and generating the QR code.


To create a landing page survey, just head over to the Surveys main page. Click on the ‘Surveys’ tab along the top panel.



Click ‘Create a survey’ to enter the Survey Wizard.



Stage 1: Survey type


This is the first stage of the Survey Wizard


Here, you need to select a team and give your survey a name.



You can now select if you would like to use a CHS® or NPS® survey.  



Once you’ve done this, you will need to select your input type. As we are creating a Landing page, click ‘By landing page’.



Stage 2: Survey builder


You’re now on Stage 2. This is the Survey builder where you can design and build your survey.


Now you have the chance to get creative!


To add your logo and banner image, click on the blue boxes to upload a file.


Alternatively, you can drag and drop your logo and banner image into the blue boxes.



To add a brand message and customise the survey question, click and type inside the blue text boxes.


The survey question is the only required field – you cannot move forward until this has been completed.



You can use the blue pencil icons to edit different areas of your survey.


When you click on each blue pencil icon, a pop up will appear next to it.


Work your way through the blue icons to customise your survey to reflect your brand.



Any changes that you make will save automatically and appear instantly in the centre of the page.


You can see a preview of how your survey will look by clicking ‘Preview’ in the top right corner.



Back at the top of the Survey Builder, you’ll see 4 additional steps to work through to complete your landing page survey: Feedback, Email, Thank you and Summary.



When you’re happy with how your survey looks, click on the ‘Next step’ to view the Feedback page.



Stage 3: Feedback


You’ve now moved on to the Feedback page.


This is the page your customers will see once they’ve clicked a face in the survey.


Here, they can check which face they’ve selected and add any comments that they may wish to leave.



Edit this page by working through the blue pencil icons again.



When you’ve finished, click on the ‘Next step’ arrow.



Step 4: Email


After adding their comments, your customers will see the Email page. This is where they can provide you with their name and email address.


Feedback will only enter the platform once the customer has submitted their email address.



Edit the appearance of the Email page using the blue pencil icons.



When you’re ready to move on, click on the ‘Next step’ arrow.



Stage 5: Thank you

This is the end of the survey and the final page your customers will see.



Again, you can edit the appearance using the blue pencil icons.



You can also add in a thank you header and message by typing in the blue text boxes.



Remember, you can preview your survey the following pages at any time by clicking on the ‘Preview’ button.



Once you’re happy with your survey, click on the ‘Next step’ arrow.



Stage 6: Summary

Welcome to the final stage of the Survey Wizard!


This is your survey summary.



To set your survey live, click ‘Launch this survey’.



Now the survey has been created, it’s time to create a link.




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