Email Survey Insights

What are Survey Insights? 


On each live survey in your account, you can view its ‘Insights’.


This is an individual survey Dashboard that provides you with an overview of all data and feedback relating to that survey.


Email Survey Insights


To view the Dashboard for a specific survey, head over to the Surveys main page.



Find your email survey, click on the three dots.



Click on ‘Insights’.



Select ‘Email’ on the filter.



You’ll now be able to see the insights relating to the email survey.



You will see the Customer Happiness Score for the survey in the top left corner. This score is calculated from all feedback received via this survey.



Next to the score, you can see how your customers are engaging with your survey. From left to right, you can see the:

  • Open rate: the percentage of how many survey emails have been opened (against how many have been sent)
  • Response rate: the percentage of how many surveys have had a response (against how many were opened)
  • % with comments: the percentage of how many responses included comment from the contact
  • Unsubscribe rate: the percentage of how many contacts clicked the ‘Unsubscribe’ button on the survey email.



Underneath that, you can see a chart representing score distribution.



Next to your score distribution chart, you have a line graph showing the overall trend of your CHS score. This will highlight where your score has increased or decreased over time.



You can filter your Email survey insights across a specific date range.

Click ‘Lifetime’.



Select the date range that you wish to view your insights across.



You can also filter across the ‘Lifetime’ of the survey, from the point of which the survey was created, until now.


And that’s it for Email Survey Insights!

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