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Customer Happiness

Understand how your customers feel about you, in real-time

So simple, your customers will
love you for asking...

Find out how happy your customers really are with one simple survey created within our easy to use survey builder. It's ridiculously easy and there's not a hint of 'long-form' about it, so you can expect fill rates of up to 60% (way more than with typical NPS and against other surveys). And you can trust the data 100%, as it’s verified by a customer email address.


A simple measure, that everyone gets

Every response is collated to automatically generate and update a single number between 0 and 100. This number is your Customer Happiness Score ®; a simple reflection of how happy your customers are, available wherever you are. Communicate your score from the board room, to the staff room, creating a culture in your business that has the customer at its core, and that strives to improve it.

Put simply, it will be a game-changer for your business.

Let customer comments guide you

Whilst your score is a real-time picture of how you're performing, with one simple follow-on question ‘Can you tell us more?’ your customers will tell you what you need to do in order to improve it.

When you're listening to your customers and making improvements based upon their feedback rather than an executive hunch, you'll get it right more often, not to mention creating loyalty from your customers, who feel valued and know their opinion matters.


Want to discover your free Customer Happiness Score ®?

The Customer Happiness Score ® is trusted by...

Palms Health and Fitness Club
The Sunday Carvery
Potters Resort
Black Rock Grill
Aphrodite Beauty studio

So how can CHS ® help you?

Business Owners

Customer Happiness Score ®

for Business Owners

- Create a customer-led company culture
- Get a true understanding of how your customers feel
- Performance manage multiple business all at once


Customer Happiness Score ®

for Marketers Professionals

- Get better results with emotion-led marketing
- Protect and grow your online reputation
- Save money from your budget with extra efficiency

for Operations

Customer Happiness Score ®

for Operations

- Measure customer happiness and staff performance
- Make customer-led product improvements
- Set targets and accurately monitor improvement

Human Resources

Customer Happiness Score ®

for HR Professionals

- Increase employee retention
- Improve employee happiness and morale
- Address problems before they escalate

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