What is CHS? | Customer Happiness Score

What is the

Customer Happiness Score ®?

Picture this...

Imagine you were trying to see a 'picture' of how happy all the customers are in your business. What sort of picture would it be? For most people in business it would be a fairly fuzzy picture, albeit hopefully with lots of happy faces! So, have you got your picture in mind? Great. Imagine you could zoom in and see all of your customers' faces, and exactly how each one was feeling about your business.

Imagine zooming out again to see the bigger picture, a crystal clear view of how you're doing overall; the health of your business in terms of how happy your customers are feeling about you.

Next, imagine that picture coming to life. A moving image. The real-time story of those faces changing as you run your business. Imagine you could easily show that picture to everyone in your business, team members to the board, so they themselves could just see at a glance how they're doing. They would naturally want to zoom in to celebrate what's working, and at the same time, fix the less happy areas of the picture. Imagine everyone instantly buying into what the business is trying to do, seeing how they can help and how they can play their part. They all just 'get the picture'. Well, in a nutshell, that's the power of the Customer Happiness Score®; it's that big picture for your business.

Happy Customers
Happy Customers

How it works - beyond the big picture

Okay, so it's not actually a picture as such, but it does capture the faces of each of your customers using a survey with emoji style faces. It's so quick, easy and understandable for your customers that the result is very high response rates ensuring that you hear from a lot more customers, compared with any other form of survey. Finally, you get to hear from the 'silent majority' that would never normally give you any feedback at all.

The system then uses our proprietary formula to aggregate all the customers' emoji responses, in order to calculate and display your live Customer Happiness Score® on your real-time dashboard.

The score itself is a single number on a scale between 0 and 100. It's easy to view and communicate to your team exactly how you are doing. Given its simplicity, it's instantly understood by all and as such, it's a hugely powerful solution to creating a customer centric company culture.

A picture paints a thousand words, but we capture every word as well

Once customers have expressed how they feel about you by selecting one of five emoji faces, they are also asked one simple follow up question, "Tell us more?".

This unlocks valuable feedback, the customer's main reasons behind feeling the way they do. These comments can literally guide your business decisions, telling you in the eyes of the customer exactly what they say you have to do to improve your products and services and ultimately, your Customer Happiness Score®.

Replying to customer comments is just a click away within the System, so you can dig deeper into issues, take action and fix problems with customers before they go viral, or just to show you are listening and thanking them for their kind comments.

And why not share the love with the world by selecting happy customer comments and pushing them directly to your website as social proof that you are great to do business with. Asking those happy customers to share their views online couldn't be simpler, and by prompting them to leave you a review your online reputation and rankings will soar, not forgetting you've (hopefully) addressed unhappy customers privately, appeasing them before they head online to ruin your reputation!

Every response or feeling that comes into the system can be automatically mirrored in your customer database in real time, which means that you can start matching the voice of the company with the voice and feelings of the customer. Being able to sort customers by how they feel and targeting campaigns with the appropriate message is hugely powerful in driving better marketing results, loyalty and ultimately business growth.

And with every customer, Rinse & Repeat! With the big picture and the detailed context the system is an actionable loop of continuous improvement. The score is always live to let you and your teams set targets and celebrate the real-time picture of how well you're doing in the pursuit of continuously improving your Customer Happiness Score®, and in turn growing your business.

Everyone knows that a happy customer is the best business strategy of all, so getting your Customer Happiness Score ® and involving your teams to improve it, is literally a game
changer for the modern business in this new 'age of the customer'.

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