What is The Customer Happiness Score?

Customer Happiness Score: Measure Business Success

What is The Customer Happiness Score®?

The real-time score based on Customer Happiness that drives our unique feedback platform, gathering verified customer comments about your products, services and employees.

By acting on this feedback you will create a fantastic company culture, boost your online reputation and increase your revenue.

Measure Performance Of Teams

How does The Customer Happiness Score Platform work?

Accelerating business growth with The CHS® Platform will be achieved in these three simple steps:

Step 1 Using Feedback Tools To Grow Your Business


Our one-question, emoji style surveys achieve double the response rate of traditional surveys, discovering how the silent majority of your customers are feeling.

Then, with a simple follow up question “tell me more” you’ll unearth invaluable insight explaining what drove the customer’s feeling.

The CHS Platform also calculates your very own
Customer Happiness Score. It’s a single number between
0-100, that will help you measure the performance of your teams, your products and services, and your entire business,
in real-time.

Customer Feedback
Customer Happiness Score Customer Happiness Score
Step 2 Real Time Customer Feedback Allows You To Follow Up On Feedback And Prioritize Problems


Now you’ve discovered your Customer Happiness Score, set targets for your teams to achieve and monitor performance to ensure they are reached.

You will love seeing your Customer Happiness Score improve over time as you continually make popular improvements based on customer feedback.

To get even more value from the platform, you can manage your customer relationships and online reputation with our real-time conversations platform.

Speak directly to your happy customers, thank them for their feedback and strengthen your customer relationship, build loyalty and generate more returning customers. Also, don’t forget to remind them to leave an honest review of your business to help your online reputation.

And unhappy customers? Speak to them directly to quickly resolve their issues and encourage them to become a customer with you once again. This will crucially help you avoid a negative online review as you have resolved their issues privately before they become public.

Customer Relationships
Customer Happiness Score Customer Happiness Score
Step 3 Customer Experience Marketing


Add customer feelings to your marketing and use them to tailor your messages for the best results.

Personalise your sales and marketing campaigns by integrating your customer feelings into your existing CRMs and Email Marketing Systems. Base your marketing campaigns on these customer feelings to deliver the right message, to the right customers at the right time, for better results.

Invite your happiest customers to join loyalty clubs, tempt your neutral customers back with a compelling offer and save time and money marketing to unhappy customers who aren’t right for your business. Segment your audiences in your marketing and watch your customer lifetime value and ROI go through the roof.

Use trusted and verified customer comments as valuable social proof that supports your marketing messages and just wait for your conversion rate to increase.

Grow your social media following by uploading your happiest customers and target them for better engagement. Then create lookalike audiences based on these customers to appeal to new prospects and generate a whole new revenue stream from social media.

It’s so much more than a simple score and feedback. Built with real businesses in mind, The Customer Happiness Score has everything you need to give your business a competitive edge.

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Measure Performance Of Teams

More than a simple score

Built with the latest SAAS technology and real businesses in mind, The Customer Happiness Score has everything you need to give your business a competitive edge.

Customer Happiness Score

Customer Happiness Score

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