Business Owners

Business owners

How do you keep your business on track, when you’re being pulled in every direction?

Sustain business growth by measuring customer satisfaction

The Customer Happiness Score® was created by business owners for business owners, we know only too well how it feels to be in demand.

While we can’t give you more hours in the day, we can free you up so you can concentrate on things that really matter.

Measuring business performance, even when you’re not there

Keep an eye on your business performance, even when you’re not there

CHS® enables you to check your real-time business performance, wherever you are. So when you’re here, there and everywhere you can keep track of the bigger picture.

Login to your live dashboard when you’re in your office or working away and get your live Customer Happiness Score at any time, giving you peace of mind that all is well, so you can get on with the task in hand.

If you spot a problem, focus your attention on where it’s needed and simply point your team in the right direction.

Performance management

Monitor all of your teams and businesses from one platform

Performance management of remote teams and multiple businesses no longer requires hours of travel and endless video conferences. Use multiple surveys for each of your remote teams and separate accounts for each business, performance management has never been so easy.

Simply monitor each area of your business with an individual Customer Happiness Score to discover who’s on target and who needs some encouragement. All in a matter of seconds.

Get a true feeling of how your customers feel

With double the response rate of traditional surveys, the CHS platform helps you discover how the normally-silent majority of your customers truly feel at every touch point.

With direct access to this trusted and verified feedback, you will have the full picture of your business’ performance at every stage of the customer journey.
Suddenly every customer is your secret shopper

Customer Feedback with The Customer Happiness Score

Let customers tell your teams how to continuously improve

Analyse your feedback to discover what really matters to your customers. You will take the risk out of making business improvements and keep ahead of your competition

Invest in improvements that your customers want. You will build an unbeatable reputation as a company where the customer feels you care, which will create the kind of loyalty and rapport that money just can’t buy.

Customer Happiness Score / CHS

Boost your personal reputation as well as your business

Your personal reputation is tied to your business’ reputation. Make sure they are both pulling in the same direction to strengthen that reputation.

Earn more loyal customers, build stronger customer relationships and achieve a Customer Happiness Score that will make your competitors jealous. Your reputation as a successful and respectable entrepreneur will only increase.

Keep your finger on the pulse of Employee Happiness

The CHS platform isn’t limited to customers. Discover exactly how your entire workforce feel, from the frontline to the management team, with your real-time Employee Happiness Score ™.

Set your HR team goals to improve your Employee Happiness Score™ to boost your team’s morale, increase staff retention by resolving employee issues early, improve your employer branding and
make your business the most desirable place to work within your industry.

Increase marketing ROI and accelerate business growth

Happy customers are loyal customers, and they are your key source of revenue and ultimately business growth.

By segmenting this audience in your campaigns, your marketing team will save on resource, money and time that you may have otherwise spent chasing the wrong prospects. Target the right people with the right messages at the right time to get better results. So sit back and watch your ROI go through the roof.

How can The Customer Happiness Score work for me?