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Measure your performance and make improvements based on what your customers really want

How to improve customer service

Improving Customer Satisfaction For Your Business With Customer Happiness Score

Get trusted and verified feedback on your customers’ experiences to discover exactly how your customers feel about your business. Use their feedback to continue making improvements to your products and services, but with CHS ® it will be exactly what your customers really want.

How To Improve Customer Service

Ensure you deliver the best possible customer experience

The Customer Happiness Score® discovers how your customers truly feel about their experience in real-time, so you can always be confident that you’re delivering Customer Happiness.

Resolve customer issues straightaway and be confident you’re giving customers what they really want by using feedback to fine-tune your products and services.

How To Improve Customer Satisfaction

Make smart choices when prioritising product improvement

Cut through personal and subjective opinions and listen to how the silent majority of your customers really want you to improve.

Take the gamble out of product improvement. Save time and money by focusing your efforts on improvements that will impact your customer experience and move the needle.

Rest assured that your improvements have worked by tracking the increase in your Customer Happiness Score before and after the changes.

Get the most from your team performance

Unite your staff around your Customer Happiness Score, and motivate them by setting goals for teams to reach.

Challenge your team to raise their performance to new levels with incentives based on their score, or as part of a competition with departments for the top score.

Team reviews become easy with a real measure of performance becoming the basis of your points and providing objective support to give your employees guidance to improve.

Lead A Team To Improve Customer Service
Ways To Improve Customer Service

Empower staff to maintain and improve their own performance

Enable your teams to directly see what difference they are making to the business.

Challenge your employees to improve their own performance. With an individual Customer Happiness Score, staff can regularly check they are on track to achieve their goals.

Not only will this help improve performance, employees will understand the effect they are having on the team and will feel more valued.

How To Improve Team Performance

Keep your employees happy and motivated

Send Employee Happiness surveys to your team to discover exactly they feel about working for you. All the responses will calculate your real-time Employee Happiness Score, a single number between 0-100 giving you a true measure of team happiness and morale.

You will also get invaluable comments that explain why your employees feel the way they do, helping you connect with your staff like never before, making them even happier and resolving any potential issues before they escalate.

How can The Customer Happiness Score work for me?