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Go beyond managers’ reviews and gain real insight into what's going on with your employees

How To Get Feedback From Employees

Make your life easier by making your workforce even happier and putting employee happiness at the heart of your HR strategy.

The Employee Happiness Score (EHS) is the perfect platform to help you keep in touch with how your staff feel, at every point in their employee journey.

Tools For Human Resource Management

Keep your finger on the pulse of Employee Happiness

Discover exactly how your entire workforce feel, from the frontline to the management team, with your real-time Employee Happiness Score.

Send simple employee surveys to everyone within your business to discover your Employee Happiness Score, a single number between 0-100 that tells you exactly how your employees feel.

You will also get invaluable comments that explain why your employees feel the way they do.Reach out to them on the communications platform to really engage with your staff and turn around any worries.

Build Your Reputation As A Great Employer

Increase staff retention to keep your best people

Make sure when you’ve invested in the best people, you don’t see them walk away. The Employee Happiness Score will help you identify and resolve issues early, before they develop into a much bigger problem.

Manage concerns, maximise their potential and make your workforce feel valued. Increase engagement and see retention rates rise, as your employees feel recognised and rewarded.

Show the rest of the business the good work you do

The Employee Happiness Score makes your hard work even more visible across the business.

Regularly update your management teams with your EHS so they can see the good work you’re doing. Then set goals to make your workforce even happier and easily track improvement.

Respond to employees directly on The CHS Platform® and update your teams of the improvements you’ve made based on their feedback. Before you know it, you will have an environment where HR is revered even more than now.

Ways To Retain Employees
How Do I Find Good Employees?

Get the managers within your business behind HR with EHS

Update your management teams with their department’s Employee Happiness Score to help them better understand the feeling within their team.

Make management aware of potential issues within their teams so they can act to resolve issues before they escalate. Working together you will develop even better relationships within teams and reduce staff turnover, so you can spend less on recruitment and training.

How To Hire and Retain Good Employees

Improve employer branding and attract the best talent directly

EHS will improve your employer reputation and attract high quality candidates to your business. Maintain a high Employee Happiness Score and act on staff feedback to make a real difference to the atmosphere in your business, showing that you’re a company that listens and cares.

An impressive employer brand reputation will make you become an employer of choice. This will set you apart from your competitors and make you an even more attractive place to work, where quality candidates come to you directly. Save thousands from your recruitment budget as you use recruitment agencies less and less.

How can The Customer Happiness Score work for me?